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Video prospecting - whys its working

Prospecting is hard. Especially when it's cold outreach. But video prospecting is bucking the trend, here's why it's working.

A personal touch

Video prospecting, in short, is using 1-to-1 personalized video to introduce yourself to people you want to speak to. When you meet someone for the first time you will notice a few things about them. You'll look them in the eye, you'll shake their hand and you'll probably notice some other non-verbal cues too. These clues help build trust. This simply isn't possible with email. Email is text. Video is not.

Video is now being used by salespeople because it allows them to share a little bit about themselves and their business, instead of just the business they're trying to sell. This helps build trust and rapport much faster and more effectively than with text alone.

Being remembered

Psychological we are much better at remembering faces then names. It's natural for us to remember faces because thats how our brains have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Video prospecting turns the tables on this, by giving the prospect the power to remember the salesperson, instead of the other way round. The simple act of putting a face to the name can massively improve engagement rates. This is a powerful advantage that never existed before.

Getting noticed

We receive 100s of text based emails each day. We receive far less video based emails. Even if the video is sent unsolicited, it's likely to be watched. It's a simple fact that video is often more engaging than text. So if you're the only one doing it, or one of the few, then you're going to stand out.

New tools - big possibilities

Video used to be expensive, time consuming, and difficult to produce. The tools have changed all of this. Vidyard, BombBomb, and others have made video prospecting much more accessible. Video is now a simple, cheap and highly effective way to reach out to people.

But it's still time consuming and difficult to automate. You still need a rep to manually create the video and send it. Keeping up the energy levels can be straining.

Deepfake example

New developments in AI and machine learning have created deepfakes. A deepfake is a piece of media which has been synthesized by AI. It's now possible to create video in an automated way. You can use this in email sequences to create a personalized video prospecting campaign. This is what we're doing at Vidon. We let you create a digital clone of your sales team and insert prospects names into emails automatically.

Video prospecting is still the exception, but it's one that's working. It is an effective outreach tool that can be used to build trust, create engagement and stand out from the crowd. But like any new technique, it's best to test it first.

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