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Does video prospecting get results?

Video prospecting has been one of the hotter trends in sales over the past few years. A number of companies have sprung up to make it easy to send videos  to your leads. But is it worth the investment?

Do people watch?

Personalized video improves engagement for a number of reasons:

  • Novelty - How often do you get video emails? Maybe a one every so often but they feel special. Videos make your emails stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  • It is memorable - Humans are visual creatures, we're wired to recognise and remember faces more so than anything else. Humanising your outreach has a huge uplift in engagement. Using a prospects name triggers the cocktail party effect which immediately grabs peoples attention.
  • A personal touch - Showing your leads that you've taken the time to make a video for them piques their interest. If it's properly personalized it signals you've spent time to create something of value for them. This leads to a curiosity and fear of missing out making leads more likely to engage with your content.

Video prospecting email

According to Vidyard two-thirds of people watch a video the entire way through. This can be key for brand awareness. They are much more likely to then engage with other content after watching your video.

More sales opportunities

SalesLoft ran a test with 100+ million emails some of which contained non-personalized videos. Even with non-personalized videos open and reply rates improved significantly over standard email.

Salesloft study results

HubSpot ran another test with 5 of their top BDRs. Through personalized video prospecting they improved sales opportunities by 4x.

HubSpot - Video Prospecting

Is it worth it

The right video tools and equipment can be expensive. Let alone the additional time it takes (although we can help you with that 😉). So the big question sales teams ask is if it's all worth it.

And the answer is it depends. For leads further down your funnel which are already engaged with your team video can sometimes help push them over the line. The volume is small so it's not too time consuming to create.

But for leads at the top of your funnel traditional tools just are not scalable. You don't know which leads will likely be interested and so the time to results payoff is not always worth it. Keep in mind that outreach is a numbers game.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vidon lets you scalbably leverge the power of video. It is designed for top of the funnel video sales prospecting. You can create 100s of personalized videos in the time it takes you to make a single video with traditional tools. You can learn more here.

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